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June 09 2015

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the last supper.
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sold my bike for the equivalent of 20$ bought a slice of peanut tart from cafe rosa = dreams fulfilled and my final kaffe in københavn at props coffee shop.

oh copenhagen, i have nothing sentimental to say to you aside from all these good byes make me feel like i'm being punched in the chest repeatedly.

you were the perfect city for me to dig my roots into for a little while.

vi ses danmark, tak for alt! <3

June 07 2015

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haika, bc -- megan frances

June 06 2015


in the absence of family the aesthetic becomes familiar.

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days of june.

clara moves her stuff in, anne-miriam comes to stay, i decompress my life again.

four and a half days left in dermark.

carbboard house

n2s build cardboard house with joshua.

June 04 2015

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freedom now, legalize lsd.

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bombom, university of copenhagen it's been a slice!

June 02 2015

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the final hours and last skype date from our respective surrogate homes. see ya next week my little finnish dumpling! <3



June 01 2015

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guess what this paper is about, srly !!
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dear megan,
"this is a love letter, you know" oh i know, and i love you to berlin and back a million times.

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"i've been moosing you lately", laughed in the grocery store about it, this woman puns in a way i can only aspire to in my dreams.

May 31 2015


nbd just a day in the life of coastal living megan:

this morning i heard the song sparrow as per usual, but i also was graced with a kingfisher flying over the lagoon, and two male american robins foraging for food in the sea asparagus fields. later on i heard and saw two fledgling pacific wrens, heard the old pacific-slope fly catchers, saw many rufous hummingbirds zippling over, and my first two mourning doves by the compost heap.
and of course.. the chorus of the golden-crowned kinglet
as well as the hooded merganser,with three young they do communal brooding. so one mother watches all young, while the other two seek food.

May 30 2015


they were made of dirt and seeds.
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usually i don't fair well with aggressive motivational speak, but something about this got me.

maybe its the mullet.
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murray bookchin, eco-anarchist and social ecologist. born in america while populist uprisings were taking place throughout europe and within industrial communities in the US. he grew up amongst eastern european immigrant revolutionaries (marxist/socialist/anarchist/communist/the bad asses), he saw the american labour movements rise and fall, he organized against nuclear energy and weapons, he spoke out against the use of industrial chemicals, he helped co-create the ideology of social ecology...

dude did in his life and says in this interview, a lot of stuff. ego not undetectable, revolutionary passion evident.

what can listening to bookchin teach about the history of valuing established primarily in the 20th century? what if anything, can be taken from this interview and applied to a systems theory? does bookchin hold the answers to develop new input for the social feedback loop?

probz not, but he inspires the "aha" moments and "aha" moments birth creativity and creativity begets innovation and innovation is a prerequisite for climate justice.


p.s it is awfully commendable how long this human can talk for sans interruption and sometimes da tings he says makes me squirm.

"oh no murray, what chu saying murrary? oh god, don't say that murrary...oh okay that wasn't so bad murray."

May 29 2015


"i love you as you are when you're alone"
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